About us

About us

Let's be clear from the outset: we're doing this because we care.

We could simply match jobseekers to employers. The problem is this: the founder of People and Their Brilliance, Darius Norell, can't stop there. He has two decades' of experience of working with young people and employers and a burning desire to use what he knows to help young people create better opportunities for themselves.

Darius started and ran Real World Magazine, co-authored the Recruiters' Guide to Courses and Campuses and then co-founded a non-profit to train unemployed and underemployed young people. Over 5,000 people came through this groundbreaking programme, which became the frontrunner for what is now our Radical Employability training. Not to boast, but it was shortlisted for a European Recruiting Innovation Award and talked about at the Davos World Economic Forum.

At the heart of the programme, and everything we do, is the powerful idea of transforming mindset from 'What can I get?' to 'What can I contribute?' and working with this to create extraordinary value with integrity.

It's not just about getting the young people into the jobs. We've seen first hand how great the mental health challenges are for our young jobseekers, and we want to listen, and to help.

We go the extra mile to work with all our Kickstart applicants on identifying their skills, believing in themselves and feeling confident in what they have to offer–and everyone has something to offer.

Meet the Team

At People and their Brilliance we are a dynamic evolving team. Some of them have come to us through the Kickstart scheme themselves, and we can attest to their brilliance.

Here are the people that will support you from application to your trainees starting...

Darius Norell

Founder and Training Lead

Simon Duncan

Recruitment Lead

Marie Tasle

Finance and Admin Lead

Claire Flannery

Employer Team

Cris Cortes

Employer Team

Harry McMullen

Training Team

Emily Alexander

Recruitment Team

Briall Baker

Recruitment Team

Florence Bliss

Recruitment Team

Ciaran Keogh

Recruitment Team

Alexandra Purpura

Recruitment Team

Joseph Dove

Recruitment Team

Cassie Galbraith

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nana Appiah

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aron Tennant

Administrative Team

Meet the Coaches

People and Their Brilliance employ a number of coaches to deliver employability training once the candidates are in role:

Ian King

I have been coaching since 2013, largely for the organisation I am employed by, some external clients in the charitable sector and as a volunteer coach for a bereavement service for young people.

I have recently set myself on a mission to offer affordable coaching to people on low incomes who may otherwise not have access to it through the usual channels such as an employee benefit – a work in progress as it coincided with the onset of the pandemic, and becoming increasingly busier in my full-time job as an adviser to nurses and healthcare workers.

My professional life comprises 25 years of experience of working in client-focused roles, largely with vulnerable adults, people with long-term health conditions and disability, and for the past 13 years with healthcare workers in both the NHS and independent sector. I am an organisational coach for my current employer where I work full-time as an adviser. I am a member of the International Coach Federation and hold an NLP practitioner qualification.

I have studied mindfulness in recent years and completed both a Mindfulness CBT course and more recently, a mindfulness-based compassionate living course, something that has been a brilliant resource during the pandemic, and in life generally. Fundamentally, my profession and my passion is people...When I found the advert for this opportunity, it really spoke to my heart and felt like a wonderful opportunity to work with young people looking to harness and demonstrate their strengths, values and brilliance.

Ceylan Thompson

Ceylan has over 22 years working as an IT Consultant across private, public and charity sector organisations in the IT industry. Having developed a range of transferable skills and experience she has used these to pursue coaching and mentoring as a main career focus and to inform practice.

Ceylan has coached various clients, enabling them to empower themselves, shift mindset and advance in their careers, productivity, and personal performance. She believes all individuals regardless of background have potential for growth and enjoys tremendously being a part of the coaching journey with her clients to improve capability.

Anglie Johns

Professional Qualifications - MSc Management Science (UMIST/ Manchester School of Management), PG Cert Henley Business School, Level A, MBTI, TA101, 16PF Coaching Approach/Philosophy - my coaching philosophy is one that is centred around ownership and challenge. I am passionate about working with individuals and groups to support them to unlock their own potential, or to work on whatever is holding them back.

Together we work on how you set yourself up for success.

Coaching Style - my style is challenging, and is designed to help you uncover what is holding you back and what they would like to achieve. Coaching is transformational if you allow yourself to engage with it. Your coaching experience with me will be about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Personal Passions - my passion is working with people on authenticity, and what being an authentic person really means. Other topics I work with include Imposter Syndrome, taking responsibility for yourself and your success and self belief.