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The Kickstart Scheme aims to find young jobseekers aged 16-24 and introduce them to employers for six month paid placements, funded by the government.

The young person gains valuable experience, both in interview and in the role itself, there's a possibility of longer term employment at the end of the placement and at the very least, they walk away with all-important experience to help them in the future job search.

For employers, it's a chance to help bright, capable young people whose employment chances and confidence have been severely dented by the world pandemic. It's also perhaps a chance to open up the diversity of an organisation by considering candidates who might not usually come your way.

At People and Their Brilliance, we're committed to the core mission of the Kickstart scheme: increasing employability among young jobseekers. This means that we focus, not just on getting people into jobs, but on investing time and energy to ensure that the candidates we put forward to employers are committed to being the best they can be. We aim for each candidate we place to be so brilliant that you won't want to let them go at the end of the placement.

There are 3 options for employers wanting to hire a Kickstart trainee:

1) Go direct – Apply via DWP on their website and manage the application process yourself. You'll need to demonstrate how you plan to provide training to support the long-term employability of the person joining you.

Pros: You're in control of your application.

Cons: There's no guarantee of success (from the figures we've seen, over half of applications to the Kickstart Scheme have been rejected). Any money not spent in the accordance with the rules can be clawed back by DWP.

What's involved: Administrative work on your part; from managing the application and liaising with DWP to submitting job applications to Job Centres and managing any responses. Once the Kickstart placement has started, you will need to arrange employability training for your placements from the £1,500 grant allocation.

2) Use a Kickstart Gateway for application admin only - Similar to the above, except that the Gateway will submit the application on your behalf. The Gateway receives £300 +VAT for each placement that starts.

Pros: A good Gateway will be pre-checking your application to highlight any obvious reasons you might get rejected, and ensure that you able to provide a quality placement.

Cons: You will still need to undertake the recruitment and training work.

What's involved: You'll manage the job descriptions submissions, liaise with Job Centres and manage responses. Once the Kickstart placement has started, you will need to arrange employability training for your placements from the £1,500 grant allocation.

3) Use a full-service Kickstart Gateway like People and Their Brilliance – The Gateway will provide wraparound support so you can concentrate on running your business while they source, train and provide you with the people you are looking for.

Pros: The whole process is managed for you, from start to finish.

Cons: There can be a little waiting time while we source, train and recruit applicants and present them to you for interview.

What's involved: We use £1,000 of the £1,500 grant to support you across the whole process, from getting your application approved, liaising with DWP and managing the recruitment process. For the most part, this investment goes on our Radical Employability training, supporting your Kickstart trainee(s) throughout their placement to ensure that you get optimum brilliance from them and helping them to up their game through consistent coaching and skill enhancement.

You receive the remaining £500 to spend on set-up costs: £300 up front once your trainee starts and the remaining £200 claimed back through your VAT. You also get six months' salary for that person.

What we do: We provide help with writing job descriptions to make sure you attract the right kind of person for your business.

We can advise on pay rates and hours per week and how many people to take on.

An allocated member of our ten-strong team will be working for you at every stage of the process.

We offer every candidate who applies 4 hours of free employability training to ensure they have the right attitude and mindset to add value to your organisation.

You make the final decision on who joins you.

We then provide your trainee with an hour of support a week with our Radical Employability training throughout the duration of the 6 month Kickstart placement.

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