What People Think

Here's what candidates who have experienced our unRecruitment process told us about what they got out of it:

One attendee told us that, 'One of the words I've let go of in my life is should'

We ask all our participants to work on shifting their mindset from 'What can I get?' to 'What can I give?'. The results speak for themselves: 70% of participants in both our free webinar sessions went on to be placed in a 6 month paid Kickstart role.

What some of the participants had to say

MB - "I have gained a new prospective to take every opportunity as it comes and make the most of it. Great experience that opens your eyes to your potential."

NR - "I have gained a lot of confidence in myself; feeling clearer about my goals. I know now how to be concentrated on what I really want to do."

CD - "I have gained more confidence being in a group setting and I have also learned how to work closely in a team; being able to trust each team member. I would say come prepared to participate in something different. Be open-minded and happy. Gain confidence; meet new people; learn things about yourself and others; and also to have fun in a good way."

D - "I’ve managed to gain a better understanding of the lessons learnt from previous training & how far I have come since then. I would advise students to realise that there is still lots to learn after graduating. To honestly ask yourself where your skills truly lie & discover skills you never realised you had."

P - "The training teaches you about self-evaluation; ego control; feelings towards others; listening to others; commitment to the people who need help; spreading wisdom about respect, spirit, and connection to everything else that is around you."

Our sessions are safe, friendly, challenging and empowering. It's so wonderful to see candidates at the end of their two sessions looking and sounding confident and positive. Many who begin the sessions feeling anxious about being on a video call end by being able to talk about their own brilliance. We call that a win.

For those who like numbers and statistics!

Over 5,000 people, mostly graduates, who have found the transition to the working world challenging, have been through a version of this training and development. The impact of the training has been particularly transformative for people who have historically struggled to find their voice for whatever reason.

Feedback from Radical Employability Training at a London University:

94% of participants gained confidence in applying for work.

93% of participants developed knowledge of what employers are looking for from their employees.

91% of participants developed more confidence on their overall impact on employability skills.

Feedback from Radical Employability Training, organised with The Institute of Student Employers

98% of people rated the day good or excellent

93% felt more confident in applying for work

95% reported positive impact on their employability skills

93% deeper understanding of what employers are looking for