Cassie Galbraith

Digital Marketing Specialist, People and Their Brilliance

Tell us more about your education & job search experience prior to hearing about the Kickstart Scheme:

I graduated from the University of Chester with a degree in International Tourism Management. I began my job hunt applying to mostly degree related roles with little luck. I realised just how tough it would be for me to find a role, especially during a pandemic. Like many industries, the tourism industry took a big hit. I was disheartened to be rejected from entry level roles so I began to widen my job hunt and apply for a wider variety of roles. I spent a lot of time personalising my CV and Cover for each role, making the rejections become frustrating at times. I knew I had to just keep going and that I would get one in the end.

What made you apply to the Kickstart Scheme?

I remember when I first heard about the Kickstart Scheme and being curious to find out more. I found out about the scheme via my work coach, they asked me what sort of roles I was interested in. I expressed my interest in marketing and tourism, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of roles that were available. I liked the idea of gaining six months experience in an industry I was passionate about and began to be referred immediately. Many of the jobs I had previously been applying for were not particularly ones of interest. However on the Kickstart Scheme I was able to focus on industries that I was interested in.

What was your experience of the “unRecruitment” process?

When I first found out about the unRecruitment process, I’ll admit that I was hesitant to go. I hadn’t done something like this before, especially over Zoom. I figured I had nothing to lose and attended the first session with an open mind. I enjoyed speaking to other jobseekers and it was nice to see fellow participant’s confidence grow throughout the process, as well as my own. I have learnt to continue being curious in my job hunt and to make something positive out of a rejection by receiving useful feedback. Such feedback allows us to grow and learn from our past. The topic of brilliance came up, I remember not feeling like I could confidently talk about what makes me brilliant. I now feel more confident in my brilliance and can verbalise it to others, something I would struggle with before. This mentality is so important for interviews and for everyday life. I left the sessions feeling more positive and excited to see what would happen next. When completing the final stage (the motivational letter) I found writing it came so naturally for me, I knew exactly why I wanted the role and felt more confident at expressing what I had to offer the employer.

What did you learn about yourself through the “unRecruitment” process?

I learnt that I am good at listening to others and being able to empathise to people’s situations. I wasn’t afraid to speak first and felt comfortable meeting new people. I was able to reflect on my job hunting experience and came to the conclusion that I should make more of an effort to ask for feedback more when receiving rejections. Themes of generosity and integrity came up throughout the sessions, I now think about what I can give to an employer, not just what they can give to me. I believe this is a compassionate outlook to have when entering new roles as well as day to day life.

How do you see the Kickstart Scheme fitting into your plans for the future?

I see myself completing this scheme with more experience and skills. I feel optimistic knowing I am gaining valuable experience and look forward to what this year has in store for me. I am excited to receive training and to continue learning more about myself. I have hopes to continue my career in marketing and I am grateful that the Kickstart Scheme has enabled me to land this role.