Nana Appiah

Digital Marketing Specialist, People and Their Brilliance

Tell us more about your education & job search experience prior to hearing about the Kickstart Scheme:

In 2017, I started university and eventually got my degree in Marketing in the summer of 2020. Since then, I was applying for jobs that consisted of rejections mainly due to not having enough experience. This was a tough time for me as it affected my confidence when applying to jobs. Due to only having minor experience many companies were not interested. But through the Kickstart Scheme, my work coach was able to provide me with a range of roles, and eventually, I landed a job at People and their Brilliance.

What made you apply to the Kickstart Scheme?

My work coach at the time introduced me to the scheme and they would provide me with a range of roles that I was interested in through the Kickstart scheme.

What was your experience of the Foundations of Radical Employability session?

Before the session, I was nervous as joining a webinar with people I don't know was quite strange to me and my confidence has never been the best, but it's something I am currently working on. As I got further into the webinar, I realised that everyone else in the group is in the same situation as me which then made me more confident to share my ideas and ask some questions.

What did you learn about yourself through the Foundations of Radical Employability session?

What I learnt about myself through the session, is to self-reflect and think about what I’m brilliant at also discussing with others in smaller groups in the webinar to understand what they are brilliant at and use that to compare or better myself. Furthermore, a keyword that stuck with me was ‘to be curious’ as this is something I’m always trying to improve on. This includes asking questions, having the desire to learn and explore more and these are all attributes that will help me within my role at People and their Brilliance.

How do you see the Kickstart Scheme fitting into your plans for the future?

I believe the Kickstart Scheme will fit into my plans in the future because I will have 6 months of experience which will make me much more employable in the future compared to what I had after finishing University. In addition, this experience will allow me to be more confident in my sector and apply to jobs with a positive approach.