Tyanna Griffiths

Recruitment Administrator, People and Their Brilliance

Tell us more about your education & job search experience prior to hearing about the Kickstart Scheme:

Prior to hearing about the Kickstart Scheme, I had been job searching for about 3 months with little results. I was applying for every job I could but was finding I was not getting far with applications, which became disheartening over time.

What made you apply to the Kickstart Scheme?

I decided to apply for the Kickstart Scheme because I wanted to get back into the working world and into a role that I would not only enjoy, but where I could gain experience in a sector I had been interested in for a while. It appeared to me as an opportunity to learn what employers are truly looking for from you, but also to learn more about myself and the type of roles that would fit me better.

What was your experience of the “unRecruitment” process?

The “unRecruitment'' process was a lot easier than I thought it would be. If I had questions there were people I was able to email, it was all straight forward and felt well organised. The zoom meetings were beneficial as it allowed me not only to gain a better insight into the values I have and how I should be approaching my job searching, but also allowed me to speak with other fellow people who were going through similar situations which in some ways was comforting.

What did you learn about yourself through the “unRecruitment” process?

By going through this process, I've learnt a few new things about myself. Through the conversations I had, I started to realise the things that were brilliant about me, that perhaps I hadn't thought of before, as well as the skills and values I have that would be beneficial to my job searching.

How do you see the Kickstart Scheme fitting into your plans for the future?

I hope the Kickstart Scheme continues to allow me to grow and gain experience in the HR and recruitment sector. Even after my 6 months with the scheme, I know I will have more confidence in my abilities and if I decide recruitment is not for me, I will have not only the knowledge and confidence but also the necessary transferable skills to put myself out there for the roles I want, and I will be able to feel more positive about job searching and putting myself out there.